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PointProperties allows precise fine-grained control over the rendering style of PointSet node points inside the same Shape.

The PointProperties node belongs to the Shape component and its default container field is pointProperties. It is available since X3D version 4.0 or later.


+ X3DNode
  + X3DAppearanceChildNode
    + PointProperties


SFNode [in, out] metadata NULL [X3DMetadataObject]

Metadata are not part of the X3D world and not interpreted by the X3D browser, but they can be accessed via the ECMAScript interface.

SFFloat [in, out] pointSizeScaleFactor 1 (1,∞)

Nominal rendered point size is a browser-dependent minimum renderable point size, which is then multiplied by an additional (greater than or equal to 1.0) pointSizeScaleFactor.


  • Additional sizing modifications are determined by pointSizeMinValue, pointSizeMaxValue, and pointSizeAttenuation array.

SFFloat [in, out] pointSizeMinValue 1 [0,∞)

pointSizeMinValue is minimum allowed scaling factor on nominal browser point scaling.


  • Maintain pointSizeMinValue<= pointSizeMaxValue.

SFFloat [in, out] pointSizeMaxValue 1 (0,∞)

pointSizeMaxValue is maximum allowed scaling factor on nominal browser point scaling


  • Maintain pointSizeMinValue <= pointSizeMaxValue.

MFFloat [in, out] pointSizeAttenuation 1 0 0 (0,∞)

pointSizeAttenuation array values [a, b, c] are set to default values if undefined. Together these parameters define attenuation factor 1/(a + b×r + c×r^2) where r is the distance from observer position (current viewpoint) to each point.


  • Nominal point size is multiplied by attenuation factor and then clipped to a minimum value of pointSizeMinValue × minimum renderable point size, then clipped to maximum size of pointSizeMaxValue × minimum renderable point size.


colorMode has blending effect on the rendering of point sprites, applying supplied color (Color node or Material emissiveColor) and texture color


  • POINT_COLOR shall display the RGB channels of the color instance defined in X3DMaterialNode or X3DColorNode, and the A channel of the texture if any. If no color is associated to the point, the default RGB color (0, 0, 0) shall be used. TEXTURE_COLOR shall display the original texture with its RGBA channels and regardless to the X3DMaterialNode or X3DColorNode which might be associated to the point set. TEXTURE_AND_POINT_COLOR shall display the RGBA channels of a texture added to the RGB channels of the color defined in X3DMaterialNode or X3DColorNode node, and the A channel of the texture if any. If no color is associated to the point, the result shall be exactly the same as TEXTURE_COLOR.



  • DEF/USE copies of a single node can provide a similar “look + feel” style for related shapes in a scene.
  • When an X3DTextureNode is defined in the same Appearance instance as PointProperties node, the points of a PointSet shall be displayed as point sprites using the given texture(s).
  • Requires X3D profile=’Full’ or else include <component name=’Shape’ level=’5’/>`
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